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5 Ways Icons Boost Your Email Marketing

It might seem strange to think of icons as helping with your email marketing efforts. After all, it’s the message that’s important, right? But anything that can help you to better convey your message is something worth looking into.

5 Ways Icons Boost Your Email Marketing

Icons can highlight your company’s benefits and show the positive effects of your offer. They can demonstrate particular features or characteristics of your product or service. And they can be used to split email blocks, making the message easier to read.

What else can icons do for your emails?

1. Icons help organize the content.

No doubt you’ve seen this on webpages but perhaps not as often in emails. Imagine if your email has three options:

→ Ask a Question
→ Share Feedback
→ Get More Information

Each of these can have an appropriate icon that

Offline Marketing – How to Sell $5,000+ a Month With a Menu and “The 21 Day Trick”

Are you doing offline marketing, or would you like a second income in the offline world? Here’s how you can make it drop dead simple and super profitable.

Offline Marketing

First, build a simple website with a menu card on it. Not the kind of menu you find in a restaurant, of course, but it can look like that if you choose. Your menu is going to offer all kinds of services to brick and mortar businesses.

For example:

→ Local SEO
→ Creating lead capture pages and setting up their autoresponder
→ Website creation
→ Writing blog posts and articles for them
→ Repairing their online reputation
→ Creating a professional looking video
→ Creating detailed reports on their competitors
→ Doing social media (this can be a wide variety of offerings)
→ And so forth…

Give them different prices – some low and some higher, to give b

How to Become the Go-To Expert in Any Niche Online with No Previous Experience

Are you entering a niche in which you have ZERO experience? Good. Actually, great! Here’s what you do…

How to Become the Go-To Expert in Any Niche Online with No Previous Experience

Start a blog. From day 1, explain that you know nothing about (your new topic, such as cooking) but you’re on a quest to learn (a specific outcome or goal, like how to make the world’s best pancakes) and invite the reader to make the journey with you.

Now start reading about your topic. A lot. Buy and use the products in your niche. Write about what you learn, and tell about your experience with the products. Recommend the good ones.

Once you’ve got a dozen or more blog posts, start asking experts in the niche for interviews. If you’re too shy or nervous at first, you can start with email interviews and work your way up to audio interviews. You become the researcher / report

WordPress is a Website Developer’s Dream

As far back as 1996, Bill Gates stated that the Internet would evolve into a “marketplace of content”. This prediction has indeed come to pass, as content is now considered to be “king” in the world of CRM and marketing in general.

WordPress is a Website Developer's Dream

You are already aware that presentation is the key to success. Whether referring to blogs, white papers or the average product update, client engagement is key. Fully developed strategies to implement, collate and present this content are now critical to the success of any business. WordPress has become one of the cornerstones of this industry. What aspects of this turnkey software allows it to be the choice of countless companies?

The Intuitive Edge

Were you aware that no less than 55 percent of the top million most-visited portals in the world employ WordPress as their CMS provider of