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I was born the third son to Malcolm and LaVelle Kopplin in San Antonio, Texas.  As an unassuming baby, I had absolutely no idea what the world had in store for me and little did I know that soon my family and I would morph into gypsy travelers, moving from place to place with my dad’s work. 


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“Wow, you must have had such a glamorous life!” many people would exclaim upon hearing about my upbringing. Such comments really do make me laugh. My dad, a hotel manager, hopped from job to job, meaning we were constantly on the move hence our family nickname of “Hotel Gypsies”.   Yes, hotel management sounded important and luxurious and dad had accumulated some exclusive hotels under his belt during his career, which included Texas’ historic St. Anthony Hotel, but our lives were far from normal and they certainly were not glitzy!

We moved regularly until my college days, here is the list of the interesting places I have lived:

  • Odessa, TX
  • Little Rock, AR
  • Oklahoma City, OK
  • Knoxville, TN
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Austin, TX
  • Little Rock, AR (again)
  • Fort Worth, TX

Admittedly, my life there was decent. I took up golf, became good at the game and even played on the high school golf team where I got the chance to play against Tom Kite and Ben Crenshaw who competed for other schools. Of course, they had not turned pro yet, but I still like to use this as my golfing claim to fame.


Child Bride

Finally, settling down in Fort Worth, I had the chance to be somewhat normal and go to school properly. It was at my new school, Western Hills High School that I met the love of my life and my now-wife, Becky Budaus.

We married young at the age of 19, Nov. 26, 1971; Marrying at such an early age wasn’t totally unheard of.  I’m proud to say that Becky stuck by me through thick and thin, and we’ve been happily married for 49 years.  


College Life A Day in the Life of an Architecture Student - YouTube

I had always wanted to be an Architect since I can remember, so I pursued this course of study at the University of Texas at Arlington.   Receiving my Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture in 1974.  I thoroughly enjoyed my studies at UTA, meeting some great professors and future colleagues.   



Graduating from college amidst a recession in the building market was not my ideal situation.  Securing a job with a material testing company in Dallas as my first job was interesting and rewarding.  I was able to see some very interesting projects up close.  Such as the Dallas City Hall design my I.M. Pei and Reunion Tower.   After a few years of a bad economy, I was finally able to secure a real architecture job in a small Dallas design shop. Changing jobs must have been implanted in my genes my Dad, because I seemed to switch firms every few years.   The list is long, lets see If I can recall all of them:


  • Graphic Design Group
  • PMS Design
  • Fisher & Spillman
  • HOK
  • Caperton & Associates
  • HKS
  • PBS Building System
  • Besteel Building Systems
  • VAI Architects
  • Haskell Design/Build
  • CMT Design/Build
  • Erdman Design/Build
  • Kopplin Group (Yes, I started my own firm)

Oh my, that’s a long list, but it’s been a wonderful 40-year career.   Worked on some great projects!


Introduction to Melaleuca.

I was introduced to the world on Multi-Level-Marketing in 1990.  Wow 30 years ago!   Back then MLM was done the old way with the 3-foot rule.  Anyone within 3’ of you was a prospect.  I knew absolutely nothing about marketing.  The mantra at that time, was do what ever your upline told you to do.  So, I bought cassette training tapes, went to meetings, etc.  I never recruited a sole!  But thoroughly enjoyed the products and the business model. 


While working at Erdman Design/Build in 2007-2008, I became vulnerable.   The economy cratered, and my project was cancelled.  I made the first two rounds of lay-off, but was the only one in the Dallas office to get the axe.   Needless to say I was devasted.  No job, little saving, no real retirement plan.  I took most any job that came along.  Let’s see there was Insurance Agent, Carpet Sales, Gutter Sales, Car Transport, Car Salesman and then Project Manager back at a testing lab…   Oh wow, my career had turned full circle.


Many tries in Online


I was determined to make a new career with online Network Marketing.  I have “tried” a lot of different programs over the years, always chasing the new “shiney object”.   I was never committed to anything long term.  My fathers lack of attention gene again I suppose.  I was always looking for the quick buck.   I did learn, or at least I thought I learned the “Attraction Marketing” methods so popular a few years ago.   I just needed to “brand” by self.  I created Randy Kopplin Dot Com.  Published it, Posted it.  Nothing.   What was I doing wrong?   Maybe more training?  Maybe more advertising clicks?  Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.


Authority Networker. Com


That is until I met Richard Matharoo.  Richard has a different method of teaching and explaining the TRUTH about network marketing online.  Richard’s 8 week course lays out exactly how to set up your business to be successful.