Create a 2021 Marketing Plan for Success

It’s a New Year – time to plan your best year ever! And before you groan and run away, get excited because we’re going to make this the easiest, speediest marketing plan ever!

Create a 2021 Marketing Plan for Success

After all – if you have to spend a week tediously writing out a 50 page plan – seriously, will you do it?


But anyone can take a few minutes and plan out how they are going to double, triple or quadruple their income over the next 12 months.

Ready? Let’s get started:

1. Choose a goal. A big, fat, hairy, audacious goal is good, just as long as you BELIEVE you can reach the goal. Your deadline to reach this goal will be December 31st, 2021.

2. What are the strategies you’ll use to achieve this goal? You don’t have to know every step right now. But you do need to have a basic plan.

3. Tactics: what are 3 to 5 things you n

5 Powerful Social Media Marketing Hacks

These are super easy to pull off, yet so effective you’ll be kicking yourself for not using them sooner…

5 Powerful Social Media Marketing Hacks

LinkedIn: See Restricted LinkedIn Search Results

When you search for people on LinkedIn, you might not see the search results you’re looking for. This is because results can be restricted based on your membership level.

But there is a way around this…

The majority of LinkedIn profiles are indexed on Google.

Thus all you have to do is search Google to find what you’re looking for, like this: “name of person”

And let’s say you’re looking for social media managers in New York. Type this into Google: “social media manager” New York

Now you can find the information LinkedIn is hiding from you.

This Subject Line Increases Opens 61.8%

20 Hot Tips for Hot Subject Lines that Get Opened

Obviously if the subject line of your email doesn’t get the open, it’s all over. No clicks. No sales. No anything. But with the right subject line, you can get your readers to open and devour your emails. Here then are 20 eye-opening tips for subject lines that get results…

This Subject Line Increases Opens 61.8%

Short is better

40% of emails are opened on mobile, and they’ll get cut off if they’re too long. Aim for 50 characters or less.

Another reason shorter is better – it’s more eye-catching. Compare these two subject lines and ask yourself which would catch your eye:


“Warning, that early morning habit of yours might be causing a serious problem”

For the best of both worlds, consider this… with most email programs

How to Reduce Blog Spam and Increase Quality Comments

Google says that a healthy, active online community is one of the signals they look for to determine your blog’s quality. Comments are considered part of your content, so the better they are, the better your blog does in search results.

How to Reduce Blog Spam and Increase Quality Comments

The problem is, of course, that a lot of comments are either spam or they don’t add anything to the conversation. For example, “Great post!” and “Love it!” might feed your ego, but that’s about it.

So how do you encourage people to leave thoughtful, well-written comments that add to the conversation?

By using a seed question.

Once you upload your post, be the first one to comment on your own post. For example, let’s say you wrote a blog post titled 7 Ways to Get Free Traffic.

Your comment might be, “Thanks for checking out my post. I t