Got Online Trolls? Keep Up the Great Work!

You send out an email and someone writes back that you’re a liar. You post on your blog and someone says you’re an idiot. You create a new product and someone says it stinks and it doesn’t work. Congratulations, because you are doing something RIGHT.

Got Online Trolls? Keep Up the Great Work!

If you’re trying to please everyone, you’re pleasing no one. People who are having a real and positive impact on the world are inevitably met with trolls and haters.

If no one experiences discomfort when they see your work, then your work isn’t having an impact.

Think of every successful person and company you know. Every single one of them has trolls and haters. And likely every single one of them knows that those trolls and haters are clear indications that they are on the right track.

Maybe you don’t have ‘haters’ after all. Maybe you have ‘fans

Segment Your Lists – Should You Bother??

If you’re not doing it, you’ve certainly heard of it – segmenting your email list is based on things like when and where readers subscribed, products they’ve bought, geographical location and so forth. Should you be doing it? Absolutely! Segmenting your list is a great way to increase response rates and grow your profits.

List Segmentation – Should You Even Bother??

It’s not just the segmenting you’ve got to think about, but also moving people from one list to another.

Example: Jane subscribes to get your free traffic report. A month later she buys your traffic product. But the week after that she also buys your video creation product, and the week after that she buys an affiliate product you recommended on product creation.

So what do you do – move her to a new list every time she buys? Keep her on more than one list? Get frustrated and decided to keep everyone on

Make Extra Money Online – With Your Car

It’s possible to add another $1,000 – $2,000 a month or more to your bottom line if you live in the right location and own a car or truck.

Make Extra Money Online – With Your Car

In fact, some people actually lease a car or two in order to take advantage of these opportunities. And it makes sense: If you can lease a car for, say, $400 a month and make $2,000 a month, why not do it?

No doubt you’ve heard of Uber and Lyft, both of which allow you to start your own taxi service. But that’s not what we’re talking about here.

Instead, we’ve researched peer-to-peer sites where you can rent out your car to travelers for days and even weeks at a time while you focus on your internet business. Newer cars earn the most, as do popular travel destinations.

Turo – you can rent out your car, truck, SUV or minivan. Most rentals are at least a week. You might need to pick

Are you overpaying for your silver?

I was so ticked when I learned that I was overpaying for my Silver and Gold coins! Until I discovered a company that allows it’s members to get direct…