SIMPLE Sales Copy

[REMEMBER] YOU Know More Than Most!

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king” – John Francis Tighe

“There’s no problem for which a great sales letter can’t be the solution” – Gary Halbert


Step 1 – Get ‘Into’ The Customer

Understand your customer – Top 5 Questions!

1 – What keeps them up at night?

2 – What are they afraid of?

3 – What are they angry about?

4 – What are their daily frustrations?

5 – What do they desire most?

Step 2 – Get ‘Into’ The Offer

Build a list of features

Build a list of Benefits

‘People don’t buy things for what they are; they buy things for what they do!’

Step 3 – Create a Damaging Admission and Address Flaws Openly

Is your offer ‘too good to be true’?

Is there work involved?

Why is this Free?


Use the P.A.S. to your advantage:

P – Problem

A – Agitate – Twist that knife!

S – Solution

Avoid perfectionism!

The more you write the easier it will get!


Copywriting Headline Examples

‘Puts your marketing campaigns on autopilot so you can play more Golf!’

’10 Ways To Cut Your Ad Budget By 75% But Still Sell More!’

They didn’t think I could __, but I did!

They laughed at me when ___________, but not when they saw my results!

Who else wants ________?

Who else needs an extra hour in bed every day?

How _________ made me __________

How this silly little video made me a star salesman!

Are you ___________?

Are you ashamed at ____________

How I ________________

How I retired at the age of ______ – With a guaranteed income for life!

Secrets of __________

Secrets of Brockhall Village – Maverick Advertising on Steroids!

Warning: ______________

WARNING: Two-thirds of Managers in your industry will lose their jobs in the next 36 months!

Give me _________ and I’ll  ________________

Give me a chance to ask you ______ questions and I’ll prove you are wasting a small fortune on your advertising!

_______ ways to _________

7 simple ways to blow up your advertising without spending any more money!


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