The Rodium Paper.

The purpose of this paper is to highlight some topics which put a spotlight on: how people achieve online success with their affiliate programs.

The Topics Are As Follows.

1. Two main factors control everything. Traffic in and traffic out.

2. Why Rodium is so important and how these Rodium structures will be built out for you personally and individually to become highly functional.

3. The biggest foundational secrets cultivating conversions that most people are unaware of.

Let us begin with the two main anchor points, traffic in and traffic out.

This refers to the flow of traffic that one needs to harness. In your case this has been taken care of and there is no action required on your part.

Your interest verified leads are converted internet traffic which is then pressed hard with elite qualification methods. This is traffic in.

Traffic out is the closing process (converting sales) which determines what prospects will be left behind so the qualified ones can remain on your system’s radar.

With Rodium this process is completely automated for you. The traffic out process can be ignored by you entirely.

You will never call anyone back to use the final script. You will never try to close anyone ever again, it will all be done for you. They will purchase and you still will not call them.

The Rodium Vault advantage: closers that have a minimum of 3 years of experience with a minimum of 6 figures in earnings, each, will be back stopping your leads.

Our automated systems will work in tandem with your closers and your Rodium structures, to deduce which leads can be closed and then the close attempts will launch. Think about this for a moment.

This is a true industry first and we know that nobody has done this at this level quite like this before.

With every single month that passes your Rodium structures will be built out further and become stronger, covering more and more ground just like your interest verified structures grow and build out monthly.

The biggest secret to conversions is that smaller is better.

You want to see your first sale range from as low as $5.00 all the way to

$99. The sweet spot is within those parameters.

This approach makes you more money than any other. This is the best way to build confidence because it puts your prospect at ease when they are reviewing your content.

They are not fixated on the amount of money they just spent with an unknown entity. They are not wondering if they just wasted their money or not. They are instead focused on the content and this is what you want, for them and for yourself, for your affiliate business.

They are in a relaxed state. This sets the stage so that if your affiliate

program’s content is valuable to them, they can recognize it.

This can then conclude in a percentage of these people upgrading. This causes them to buy higher levels and this results in your affiliate program becoming a success for yourself and family.

You see you only need one or two clients to put your business in profit.

If you are at the stage where you have invested between 2K to 50K into your affiliate business, then you only need that one or two good clients to propel you into profit.

You could see a 20K profit for yourself from a client that only started out buying for $25. It is of those types of small first purchases that the big purchases come from.

The small purchase cultivates confidence over delivers value and ensures that you do not lose big purchases. Many have it backwards here and attempt to glean the biggest sales the first time.

This causes a systemic collapse in their profitability processes. The worst part is they never figure out why because it is not obvious to most.

If you are at the stage where you are already profitable and are experienced in the industry you know very well that the math will just take over here.

In closing: you want to have your systems working so that you can see some people buy throughout the year who purchased for a small amount their first time.

Building this process and accumulating this group of buyers leads you to your end goal.

Imagine how you could wake up one day to discovering that one of your $25, or $50 buyers has upgraded and you just made your first 20K.

Activate Rodium now, for the full effect!

This started out as a passion project that I intended to offer to a small group of our agency clients.

I have decided to still do something extra special for them (the early movers, you know who you are) but I have also decided to build something that will force the industry to change.

The Rodium Vault system will be so advanced it will force affiliate programs and agencies out there to get better and compete or they will become irrelevant.

This will be my final large scale build out project before I retire in the next 5-10 years.

I wish you all the best of health, success and greatness, for life!

The website which is Rodium’s home is where you get started, it is:

Your friend,

Randy "Opie" Kopplin

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