Why Futuro Coin Will Explode in 2019 Becoming One of the Top Cryptocurrencies

Futuro Coin is a cryptocurrency launched at the end of 2017 in Macau, the brainchild of Steph Morganstern, and Roman Ziemian of FutureNet.  We are seeing incredible developments with Futuro Coin and with the entire FutureNet platform.

I emphasize the point that developments taking place within FutureNet as a business, that suggests that the Futuro will become the main method of purchasing and withdrawals within the platform itself, within the business element of the company, whether it be the Future Ad Pro, the advertising platform, or whether it's the six matrix's, and other services on the platform.

 It does appear that the Futuro will be the sole method of payment, but I can confirm it's going to be certainly one of the main methods of payment.

Now, we all know that the way that the financial system is going, the direction that it's very slowly moving towards is this blockchain based financial system using digital currencies as a great medium of transferring money between individuals and a way to really cut out the middleman, in a lot of these transactions and to reduce fees and to reduce the speed of being able to receive funds. We all know that cryptocurrency is on its way. We all understand that there is this incredible currency called Bitcoin. That has dominated the news, certainly over the last 18 months.

We've seen an incredible roller coaster with this currency. It's gone up to 20,000, it's gone back down to 6,000 and below. Now it's kind of floating around six and a half thousand dollars as well speak. We understand a little bit about cryptocurrency. We understand that there are many, many cryptocurrencies out there in the industry. There are some really good ones and there are some up and coming ones.

What I understand about cryptocurrencies, that no cryptocurrency is really of any use to anybody unless there is people willing to use it. There must be merchants that are willing to accept it. There are ways of being able to use this in a much more broader sense. Why do I think that the Futuro is going to be one of the top cryptocurrencies in 2019? Well, it's really quite simple guys.

When you consider the platform that the Futuro is being launched on, which is a social media platform that has in excess of three million users of that platform currently, and it's literally going to explode in growth over the course of the next 12 months, with the release and launch of a brand new social platform for FutureNet, which is gonna be more sophisticated with more functionality, advanced ad targeting. These improvements will attract a huge, huge volume of new members and uses.

When people join FutureNet, and are required to use the Futuro as the medium of exchange, this will create a huge surge in the volume of traded Futuro, within the industry. That of course, in itself is going to help establish Futuro as one of the major cryptocurrencies in the marketplace.

We will see, in my opinion, a rapid expansion in the value of the coin. Quite frankly, there will be tens of thousands of new users that will utilize this cryptocurrency on a day-to-day basis. When you compare that to existing transactions and existing volumes of other cryptocurrencies in the market, this is going to really impact the market in a big way.  

The fact is that if you own Futuro today and maybe you're mining the Futuro, you're getting the coin at the existing value, which is around about seven dollars, the Futuro is going to see some fabulous gains, throughout the course of 2019.

There are absolutely no guarantees. But I must use my logical thinking and my common sense. When I consider what FutureNet are doing as a company, when they are launching their FutureNet Cafes, FutureNet ATM machines, the launch of the FutureNet marketplace, which is a digital marketplace, much like we see on Facebook, where we'll be able to buy and sell different products. When we can utilize the Futuro, as a medium of exchange within these different markets, that is going to have a very, very big impact on the currency itself.

It's also going to have an impact in the broader cryptocurrency community. We're going to see a lot of these cryptocurrencies, mainstream publications sitting up, taking note and seeing what is going on. They're going to see for the first time, a serious social media player, which is utilizing cryptocurrency and we're going to see, a lot of headlines, a lot of news. It's going to attract a lot of attention.

Some of that attention may well be negative, because there are certain people with vested interest in Bitcoin and in other cryptocurrencies, but we going to get exposure in some of the bigger, broader cryptocurrency publications, and some of the news sites. I think this is only going to reinforce the strength of the Futuro. I'm very, very pleased and excited about the potential for the Futuro to be used as the main method of purchases and also in terms of being able to withdraw any of the earnings that I make through my FutureNet business, into Futuro's themselves.

This whole platform is evolving with more services and products, so there's going to be more utility for the cryptocurrency itself.  That's going to, again, strengthen the price. In my own personal view, it's going to raise the value of the coin. That's going to be great for those people that are mining and buying the mining packages, and getting behind this cryptocurrency. Very, very exciting times. I think it's going to be a very impactful cryptocurrency in 2019. We're not going to see that big shift. I don't think. I don't believe so in the next few months left of this year, there's going to be a transition, a gradual transition I would imagine.

I do genuinely feel that, with what is taking place within FutureNet, and you look at the shift that they are making into the environmental sphere, into the FutureNet Foundation and the Charitable Organizations that they're getting involved with. When you start to see where the company's heading with all of the sports sponsorship, I can pretty soon imagine we'll be seeing a lot of major banners and advertising for the Futuro all over the world. It's going to very, very interesting to see what happens. I'm very excited. I think it's going to be something that everybody needs to prepare for.

We need to be aware that this change is going to be taking place. We need to be … For those of you that are already involved with FutureNet or either through my network, or through other people's networks, I believe you're gonna have to start seriously thinking about how you, or where I should you would draw your Futuros to.

For me, personally, what I am doing is, I'm using the coin deal exchange. I'm sending my Futuro coins to the BitBay Exchange. From there, what I then do is I then, trade that against bitcoin and I then sell my bitcoin for US Dollars, which goes into my bank account. I've got my own method of being able to transfer my funds from the FutureNet platform into my personal bank, so that I can utilize those funds as of when.

I think you need to be getting prepared. There are of course a number of different exchanges, out there, that the FutureNet coin, the Futuro is trading on. You need to start really doing a bit of research. You can find those exchanges by going on to CoinMarketCap.com, by typing in the Futuro. You can see the exchanges on their Futuro page. It's very, very easy to find out which one's they are.

I think that we will probably see a lot more different services coming out through the FutureNet platform over the course of the coming months. All with this perspective of utilizing the Futuro coin within these different services. Really, really important that you get this information out there to people guys.

If you would like more information on how to join FutureNet, get in touch with me at randy@randykopplin.com

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