work with me

If you’re here on this page looking to partner with me in my business and you want to become your own independent Entrepreneur then you landed in the right spot.

I’ve been in this industry for 15 years and seen so many companies come and go and after a while I began to notice certain qualities that the successful ones had that the failures didn’t.

Here they are…

1. They were in business for at least 4 years or more. A company that has been around 4 or more years has gone through it’s “Growing Pains” Stage and has made the appropriate changes to the set the company up for long-term growth.

2. They had a product that people would want to purchase whether or not there was a comp plan attached to it.

3. They all had a compensation plan that was powerful yet easy to understand and even newbies could make great money with.

4. They were in evergreen niches meaning that the customers in that niche have been buying products and services for years and will continue to buy for years to come.

5. They were all privately owned and debt free.

I am Happy to say that the company I chose to partner with hits all those and a lot more.

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